The Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Review

The Razer Blade gaming laptop is one of the most iconic and well-known models of gaming laptop in the world. It is basically what a MacBook would be like if it were made by Razer instead of Apple. You have the sleek design, a magnificent battery life, an amazing display, and a featherweight body that even a child can carry around. But you also have insanely powerful gaming hardware crammed into that tiny body which is less than a dime in thickness.

This particular model that we are talking about today is the 14” variant of the Razer Blade, and although its pricing is a bit on the steep side for a gaming laptop that has a GTX 1060 graphics card in it, we are absolutely sure that anyone who can get to see and use this laptop in person will absolutely fall in love with it.

This is what us gamers have been waiting for- a truly sleek and beautiful laptop that we are not ashamed to carry around to the office, a gaming laptop that is so light you could take a tour of the college campus with it in your hands, yet a laptop so powerful that you could just sit down and play Fallout 4 or Battlefield 1 in full HD 1080p resolution and 60+ fps.


Razer did not hold back on the budget while designing this masterpiece of gaming hardware. It is slim as a smartphone, 3-4 times more powerful than an average laptop, has a body machined from a solid block premium grade aluminum, and weighs a mere 4.16 pounds. Yet it packs one of Intel’s most powerful mobile CPUs, the Core i7 7700HQ. This is a 4 core, 8-thread processor based on a 14nm lithography process and boasts a TDP of just 45w allowing the Blade 14 to make the most out of its amazingly good 6-cell Lithium Ion battery pack.

There are few things that get in the way of a processor with 8 threads, a base clock of 2.8 GHz, and a boost speed of 3.8 GHz (that is massive for a laptop CPU). The 6MB of L3 cache makes multitasking a breeze, while the 512GB PCIe SSD runs at speeds close to 1 GBPS, making booting up a matter of 5-6 seconds.

The Razer Blade (GeForce GTX 1060) 14″ HD Gaming Laptop (7th Gen Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – VR Ready

Games load in less than 7-8 seconds no matter how huge or demanding they are, because unlike your conventional SSD drives, this one runs on a PCIe interface, which gives it much more bandwidth to play with as compared to a SATA III port that has a maximum throughput limit of 480-500 MBPS.

The NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB graphics unit in this machine is no slouch either- it is built upon NVIDIAs latest graphics architecture “Pascal”, this is the most efficient and powerful graphics card architecture the world has ever seen. It supports ANSEL so you can pause your game, take a 3D tour of the frame, and clip a screenshot when you reach a view that you like.

It also supports NVIDIA Shadow Play and GameStream so you can record clips of gameplay and edit them for YouTube, or you can directly stream your gameplay live to your audience across the world while playing. The GTX 1060 6GB is a beast, with 1280 CUDA cores and a base clock of 1506 MHz that conveniently boosts all the way up to 1700 MHz with good cooling. No, you don’t need to overclock it or anything- NVIDIA Boost version 3.0 will do it all automatically for you. Isn’t that awesome?

Build Quality and Design:

This is the most well-built gaming laptop on planet Earth. There you go, we said it. It is not the most powerful in terms of sheer graphics horsepower because there are laptops out there with GTX 1070s and 1080s in them, but trust us- if you want to game on 1080p and 60 fps, then a GTX 1060 is more than enough for the job. Just look up any tech channel on YouTube and everyone will tell you that the GTX 1060 is the best bang for buck 1080p gaming graphics card right now in NVIDIAs arsenal.

Okay, so why is this laptop on the top of our list in terms of build quality, you might ask? Well, on a normal laptop you will find that the manufacturer has a chassis made from plates of plastic fused and screwed together to create a frame that is thick, prone to wear and tear, and bulky. On a normal laptop, the lid cover and bezel around the display will flex inwards if you apply pressure on it with your fingers. A normal laptop has mediocre cooling that causes the laptop to get hot as you play games on it. A standard laptop also has a sub-par keyboard that is not comparable to a desktop keyboard in terms of comfort and durability.

But the Blade 14 is no “normal” laptop. In fact, its entire body is built from one solid chunk of aluminum. Its chassis is just 0.7” thick with the lid down, and entirely built from CNC aluminum, just like the body of a MacBook is built. This allows the laptop to be extremely durable, lightweight, and it won’t break down if you accidentally drop it. Not just that, it also looks like an expensive laptop and feels premium.

You can use it to game in your college dorm, take it to the class for recording notes, and if you are a grown person with responsibilities, then watch your colleagues in office stare at your Blade 14 in envy as you open it up for a presentation in front of them. It features a Chroma anti-ghosting gaming keyboard with 3-zone fully customizable lighting and macro functionality. The touchpad is very responsive and feels as if you are gliding your finger on air.

Storage and Connectivity:

For storage, you have a 512 GB PCIe SSD, that is of course upgradable in the future. While 512 GB might not seem like a lot, you can always use the Thunderbolt 3 connector on this laptop to hook up a high speed external storage device for all your photos, movies, and games. This is a laptop designed with performance and sleekness in mind, so there is no place for a clunky mechanical hard drive. Not only are those things larger and slower than SSD’s, but they also consume more power while running and make noise.

The RAM is DDR4 and runs at 2400 MHz- faster than the standard 2133 MHz RAM you will find on ordinary gaming laptops. It packs 16 GB of RAM for all your hardcore gaming and multitasking needs. You can run Maya, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, 3DS Max, and any other creativity software suite on 16 GB of DDR4 RAM with zero hesitation.

In terms of connectivity, this laptop doesn’t have the most quantity as far as ports are concerned, but it has the most quality for sure. It is one of the few laptops to come with a Thunderbolt 3 port (this interface is much faster than USB 3), and packs a 802.11 AC WIFI for the latest in wireless standards.

Killer ethernet is standard issue on any Razer Blade, since online gaming performance is something Razer does not compromise on. Other than that, there is an HDMI 1.4 port, a 3.5mm microphone jack, three USB 3.0 ports, and a USB Type C port for fast charging or for connecting USB Type C compatible displays. And yes, it has Bluetooth 4.1 technology for fast transfers between your phone and laptop. There is also a 1080p, 30fps 2.0 MP webcam for high quality video chats and conferences.

Gaming Performance:

We really shouldn’t have to talk about this one since the GTX 1060 from NVIDIA is a beastly 1080p gaming card. And talking of 1080p, this laptop has a 14 inch IPS display that is beautiful to game on. Colors are accurate and the contrast is high, while brightness can either be insanely high (in case you want to game in broad daylight, not something most of us would do), or it can be very for low when you need to maintain a low profile (while gaming at night in the bedroom).

The Intel Core i7 7700HQ is a beast of a CPU and handles all games that you throw at with relative ease. ESports titles like Overwatch, CS GO, LoL, and DOTA 2 will run buttery smooth at 100+ fps, while story based single player games such as Final Fantasy, Mass Effect Andromeda, Hitman, Sniper Elite, etc. will run at 60+ fps with all details maxed out.

Conclusion and Final Verdict:

In conclusion, we would like to say that although the price of this laptop keeps it out of the hands of many gamers, it is one of those things that many would be willing to go the extra length to own. Save money, wait some more time on your new laptop purchase, or simply muster the courage and take the dive- even though it is expensive, we can assure you that you will enjoy every minute of the experience.

Even carrying this thing around in your arms with the lid closed feels like something else. It is so powerful and beautiful, yet so light. The Chroma keyboard and onboard audio further enhance your gaming experience, while the 14” 1080p IPS display makes you want to stare at DSLR photos and watch Blu-ray movies all day on your Blade 14.

If you are one of those lucky guys with the budget to own one of these, then look no further. A CNC aluminum body of 0.7” thickness is not something you find on most laptops, and the ones with these kinds of bodies are MacBook’s. We all know MacBook’s are terrible for gaming, so go ahead and grab one of these beauties from Razer if you can afford them.

The Razer Blade (GeForce GTX 1060) 14″ HD Gaming Laptop (7th Gen Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – VR Ready