Gaming PC vs Laptop: What Should You Buy?


deciding between a gaming laptop vs PCDeciding between a PC and a laptop can often be a tough choice, and for the very simple reason that we often don’t have the money for both. If you won the lotto, you wouldn’t be looking at this article, but chances are that you’re going to have to make a decision! Here we’re going to take a look at the advantages of both so that you can make your choices based on your priorities, and more importantly, by knowing everything that’s involved.


Gaming PC

Let’s start with what makes a gaming PC truly great. Having a huge tower in your room to game allows you to benefit from a stronger, fully sized and well-aired gaming machine. In a way, gaming laptops are only downsized imitations of gaming PCs – their parts generally perform less, are confined in a less customizable casing and get a lot less airflow. This last fact is probably the best reason to buy a gaming PC – gaming is an activity that requires a lot of power and that heats up the parts of a computer very quickly, so the bigger casing of the computer will allow more airflow, which in turns means less damage to your parts, more stability and less repairs. Gaming laptops have unfortunately been known for being unstable systems and source of many problems.

And finally there’s the fact that you can change and upgrade your hardware parts on a gaming PC. Not that it’s impossible to make changes inside a laptop, but it’s not an endeavor recommended for the average consumer. Generally speaking, once you buy a gaming laptop, you are agreeing to stick to these parts for the three years or so that you will use it, except for the rare expansion bays that some models offer. On a PC, you can buy a replacement video card much more easily if you need more power to play the latest 3D video games, or upgrade to a 4K monitor when you can afford the best visual experience. Gaming PCs are by far the best investment compared to laptops, but let’s now see what laptops have to offer.


Gaming Laptop

Of course, gaming laptops are mobile devices, so their main advantage is pretty obvious. You can carry them around easily and gaming is effortless. You don’t have to be alone in your room to enjoy your favorite titles because sitting on a comfortable spot anywhere is enough. Then, they also represent some savings simply because we usually need a laptop for work or school anyway, so some people choose to have all their tasks and hobbies happen on one good device that they will choose carefully. And you don’t have to settle for a very extravagant look to do so, some laptops like the ones from ASUS offer very reasonable and professional looks that won’t take anything from your businessman credibility even if you also play World of Warcraft on it.

So in the end, choosing between a gaming PC and gaming laptop is a hard thing to do, but we would still go for the gaming laptop. Assuming that you will take care of it when you’re on the road, a gaming laptop is an investment that can serve you both at home and on the road. Simply make sure that the airflow is adequate at all times or even get a program that will keep that aspect on check. However, if your objectives include playing the very latest games on the highest settings, owning a PC that will last 5 years and over or replacing hardware parts, a gaming PC might be a better option.

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