Which is the Best Gaming Laptop Brand?

You may have read many of our articles and with all the brands presented for gaming laptops, you might be wondering, what’s the best one to go for? Well, the answer to that question is obviously very subjective, but we will try to give you some guidance on which brands to go for depending on your type of gaming. It’s hard to then cut it down to one brand with all the models and preferences available.

good gaming laptop brandWe’ve reviewed plenty of laptops of different price ranges on this site, but some companies have grown on us more than others for what they constantly offer for the price. It can come down to the presentation or to some small advantages in specs, but there are definitely some trends to be noticed.

MSI, Alienware, ASUS are three very interesting companies to consider. Each focus on delivering laptops that cater to gamers who wish to play higher end titles on the go. They are generally the laptops with the higher prices. Fortunately, all three companies feature a lot of models that go across many price ranges.

Devices from Alienware might almost always sit on the higher end of the $1000-$2000 bracket, but MSI and ASUS will go pretty low, almost all the way down to $500. You can recognize and compare the different models with the codename following the company, for example “MSI GP60”, and a summary of the specs generally follow. This is important, because if you want to know which is the best gaming laptop brand, you need to note down the models and compare them fairly to those of similar prices at other companies.

Companies like Toshiba, ACER, HP and Lenovo are a little more well-rounded. They can pull you through your most demanding multitasking sessions with a great processor and some quality RAM. Their processor is generally stronger than the graphics card, so if you play 3D games, you will have a few verification to make.

However, if you play games that aren’t so-demanding on the graphical aspect, and that maybe you even switch windows and do something else while you play, the multitasking power of these companies’ laptops will come in handy.

best gaming laptop brandSo out of the seven companies we’ve mentioned so far, which stands out the most. Well, first there has to be ASUS, with its warranty and original features for gamers on each model, as well as MSI because of the trust gamers have in the brand.

Toshiba could enter our top picks as well, simply because the company is the best to put your hands on a good laptop for work all while being capable to play on it. Alienware, ACER, HP and Lenovo are all great companies, but they do cater to a more precise price range or won’t be able to satisfy the needs of gamers as much as the first three we mentioned.

However, if we would have to choose one brand to be called the Best Gaming Laptop Brand, that would have to be ASUS. Across all price ranges, ASUS generally delivers great parts for the price, their laptops look sleek and more expensive than they actually are, and the reports on their stability are great.

Of course, when it comes to a contender like Alienware, sure you can put your hands on a good laptop, but you will have to pay a considerable price, more likely around $1000 to $2000, to get around the same look and feel as some of ASUS’s cheaper offerings. Our vote for ASUS is mainly justified by the fact that they deliver more for what you pay.

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