10 Best Gaming Desks of 2018 For PC Gamers- Latest List with Comparison Table

Gaming desks may sound gimmicky and you might be wondering- “what separates a gaming desk from a normal computer table or office desk?”. Well, gaming desks are very much like standard computer desks, but are optimized for gaming. Think of it like gaming mice/ keyboards, they function similarly to standard keyboards or mice, but are tweaked to suit the needs of gamers. While choosing a gaming desk, you need to keep a few things in mind-
  1. Do you want a straight or L/ U -shaped desk?
  2. Do you want a small, medium, or large desk?
  3. How much weight will the desk support? (Depends on the number of monitors you use, the size of your gaming PC, the peripherals that you put on the desk, etc.)
  4. Does it have built-in cable routing?
  5. Can the height of the desk be adjusted? Some high-end desks are motorized, and are also known as sit-stand type desks.

If you have a very simplistic setup that consists of a single 21/ 24” monitor and a keyboard + mouse along with a couple of stereo speakers, then any small- medium sized straight desk will do. Just make sure that there is enough space on the desk for your mousepad + keyboard, since people tend to use varied sizes of mousepads.

If you are an FPS player, you might be accustomed to larger mousepads, so we recommend a desk that is at least 47-48” long. The material from which the tabletop is made will determine how much weight the desk can support. If you overload a desk, it might flex and crack. MDF, plyboard, plastic, and metal are the main components used to build a desk.

Some desks use aluminum legs and tabletops for extreme durability and a premium experience. Other desks use MDF boards with oak/ maple/ coffee finish. Choose the desk that blends in with the rest of your furniture, and it should also be large enough to fit all your monitors/ peripherals. If you are a streamer and want to mount a microphone arm on the table, along with 2 or more monitors, we recommend getting a desk that is at least 70” long.

If you want to keep your gaming PC on top of the desk, then make sure it is at least 25 to 30 inches in width (depth). Check the height of the desk, most of them are designed for people of average height. If you are over six feet tall, make sure that you are getting a desk that is at least 28-30” in height. We recommend U-shaped or L-shaped desks for people who are into studio work/ design work and do some light gaming on the side.

Sit-stand desks are becoming popular nowadays, because of the health concerns related to sitting for extended periods of time on a daily basis. With a motorized desk, you can switch between sitting and standing mode within a matter of seconds. A motorized desk also allows you to adjust the height of your tabletop so that it is aligned with the height of your chair.

It is important that you maintain a good posture while gaming, your back needs to be straight up and your arms must be level with the desk height. If your arms are slanting while you operate the mouse or keyboard, it will result in wrist pain and potential long-term issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome might occur.

Make sure that the desk you purchase is suited to your needs, and check for built-in cable management. It always helps to maintain a clean and aesthetically pleasing work/ gaming environment, and the last thing you want to have is a bundled mess of cables lying on your desk while you game.

Some desks even have a headphone stand, or headphone holder attached to the side or bottom. Take a look at the desks we have reviewed below, all of them are extremely well-designed and suit the needs of gamers. We selected these desks based on their build-quality, design, and value for money. Select the desk that you find to be the best for your particular needs.


Budget Gaming Desks-

1. Ikea Linnmon Desk with Adils Legs Multi-Purpose Table


IKEA makes good furniture, and they offer quality products at all price points. For example, take this basic 4-legged table/ desk which you can purchase for less than 150 dollars. It is basic, yet gets the job done. The IKEA Linnmon is available in two major sizes, and this is the larger one at 59” x 30” for the tabletop.

We chose this one instead of the cheaper 41” long version which costs less than 100 bucks. The reason we went with this one is because it provides enough space for you to keep your gaming PC on the top, and we know that there are several gamers out there who also own consoles along with gaming PCs, 59” of desk space allows you to keep your console/ controllers on the top instead of having to stash them away somewhere else.


For the price that you pay, it would be unfair to ask for anything more than the absolute basics. This desk is designed for minimalistic setups, meaning no more than a single monitor. You can keep your gaming PC on the desk, which is a really important thing if you spent money on making your gaming PC look flashy and unique (by installing LED strips, transparent side windows, etc.).

There are no cable management grommets on the desk, which means that you will have to route the cables intelligently so that they are not easily visible from the front. Remember that you can also buy a cable management rack/ box and install it towards the rear end to stash away those pesky power cord or display outputs.

The color scheme of this table is black/ brown for the tabletop, and it features IKEAs signature Adils legs which can be customized and detached easily for transportation or storage. The legs themselves are made out of extremely sturdy plastic, and are colored in black.

The tabletop is made from a fiberboard/ composite material and the top finish is prone to scratches. The base section on the legs can be pulled out to raise the table by about an inch, or you can set them independently to keep the tabletop level on an uneven floor.

This IKEA desk stands 29” tall when fully assembled, and measures 59” x 30” in terms of length and width (depth) respectively. It weighs 24.3 pounds, so moving it around the house between rooms shouldn’t be an issue at all. Assembling the desk hardly takes 10-15 minutes, all you have to do is screw in the 4 legs with the help of the screws provided in the package, and that’s it.

We recommend purchasing a cable management rack and a pack of cable ties alongside this table if you want to optimize it for a gaming setup. You might also consider buying a headphone holder/ stand to keep the tabletop clean.

The IKEA Linnmon desk is nothing special, it is just like any other 4-legged desk out there. But we included it because of how sleek and minimalistic it looks, and for the quality that you are getting at this cheap price. Besides, the 59” x 30” desk space is more than sufficient for most low- mid range gaming PC setups.


Extremely easy to assemble

Very light, legs can be detached for storage/ transportation

Sturdy tabletop, made from fiberboard and composites

Deep brown finish looks really good

Really cheap for a 59” x 30” x 29” desk


No cable management grommets

No racks or drawers built in

Soft surface on the top is prone to scratches


2. Atlantic Gaming Desk


Despite its cheap price, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is one of the only budget computer desks on the market that is designed specifically with gamers in mind. Its unique steel rod construction gives this desk immense structural strength, meaning that it will be able to support more weight than a similarly priced wooden desk of this size. The Atlantic Gaming Desk doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing however, and it features a somewhat compact work surface at 40 x 23.5 inches.


At first glance, this may seem like an extremely bizarre desk. The frame is made from thin steel rods and there are racks/ holders hanging from every part of the body. However, this isn’t your conventional study table or office desk- it is a compact gaming desk that is designed to fit all the accessories which a gamer uses, along with the power to support a monitor as large as 27” / 40 pounds in weight.

One of the coolest features of this desk is the wire storage drawer that neatly attached underneath the tabletop. This storage space can hold pens, notebooks, flash drives, external hard drives, CDs/ DVDs, or your cellphone.

There is even a TV/ monitor stand on the work surface so you can possibly do a dual monitor setup, with one monitor on the front and another on the top. Or, you can use the stand to mount a monitor, while your laptop rests on the flat tabletop. There are speaker racks on the sides, as well as racks for controllers and game disks (store up to 5 games and 2 controllers).

There is a holder for a power strip and charging station, as well as a cup holder and headphone stand. The work surface looks sleek and definitely carries a “gaming” vibe, thanks to the carbon fiber finish on top of the fiberboard tabletop. The steel rod frame is coated with a silver finish, and features non-marring feet.

A reinforcement bar travels across the tabletop, preventing the work surface from flexing even when it is loaded with a gaming PC + monitor and keyboard + mouse. However, you won’t be able to fit anything larger than a mini-ITX system on this desk because of the small size- its work surface measures only 40” x 23.5”, and it stands 29.5” tall. You can fit two 24” monitors on it, but only barely.

If you want to have sufficient room for a full-sized gaming keyboard + mouse, then you need to use only one monitor, and keep your PC underneath the desk. Final thoughts- this is a compact, great looking, highly functional gaming desk available at an affordable price. It is sturdy, customizable, and well worth the money.


Extremely customizable

Cup and headphone holder

Power strip and charging station rack

Wire drawer for pens, phones, notebooks, etc.

Sturdy steel frame with a reinforcement bar travelling across the tabletop

Monitor stand that can support up to 40 pounds of weight

Speaker racks, along with a standing rack to hold 2 controllers and up to 5 games.


Workspace is kind of small, only 40” x 23.5”

Not very easy to assemble


3. Need Computer Desk 63″ Computer Table, AC3CB-160


When we learnt about this desk that was available for under 200 dollars and offered a massive 63” long work surface, we had to include it in this list. The Need Computer Desk is a weird name for a gaming desk, but it is by no means an average desk. Not only is it larger than most other computer desks available at the same price point, but it also features an excellent water-proof and scratch resistant finish on the wooden tabletop.


The Need Computer Desks is a massive 63” in length, which is large enough to fit dual-monitor setups. What we love the most about this seemingly basic desk is how well-built it is, the materials used to construct this product are of high quality and the designers put a lot of work into making sure that the desk lasts for a long time even under rigorous usage.

Its work surface is made out of E1 environmental standard particle board, which is coated with a high gloss finish that is both water and scratch resistant. The legs of this desk are constructed from high quality steel which is 1.2 mm thick, while most similarly priced desks use 0.8 mm thick steel for their frames.

The added thickness means that this desk will be able to support more weight, and will also last longer. It also features triangular junctions where the legs meet the rectangular frame underneath the tabletop, this type of connection makes the desk more stable. There are adjustable feet on the legs, which lets you keep the desk stable on rough surfaces/ uneven floors. The entire metal frame of this desk is covered with a black powder coating which is rust and scratch resistant.

Assembling this desk should be really easy, since all you have to do is install the 4 legs using the included hex key, which should take only 5-10 minutes. The adjustable leg pads can rise up to 2 cm out of the legs, so you can stabilize the desk on uneven floors.

This desk is certified “BIFMA”, in accordance with US office furniture standards. The work surface measures 63” x 23.7”, and the desk stands 29.5” tall. This desk measures about 50 pounds, and is capable of holding more than 200 pounds of weight on top with ease.


Extremely heavy-duty, can support more than 200 pounds of weight on top

Heavy-duty steel frame, 1.2mm thick metal construction with powder coating on top that is rust and scratch resistant

Easy to assemble

Particle board table top available in 4 distinct color schemes, features a glossy finish that is scratch and water resistant

Adjustable feet on the bottom of the legs that allows you to keep the desk stable even on uneven surfaces

Large 63” x 23.7” work area


Heavy at nearly 50 pounds

No cable management racks or grommets


Mid-range Gaming Desks-

1. Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Left or Right Facing Desk


The Hollow-Core desk from Monarch Specialties gets its name from the fact that you can place it in both left and right orientations. There is scratch resistant laminate tabletop placed upon a drawer rack that is constructed from high-quality metal. The entire desk features a creamy white finish that looks fabulous, while the metal handles and legs have a silver colored paint on them.


The Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core is an amazing choice for people who want aesthetic appeal along with functionality. This desk is constructed from heavy duty metal and features a wooden laminate tabletop that is scratch resistant.

There is a drawer section which can be detached and refitted on either side by swinging the rest of the desk body around. The frame is made from high quality metal pipes, which are coated with a silver colored paint for rust and scratch resistance. The drawer section consists of three drawers arranged in order of decreasing size from top to bottom, the bottom drawer can hold hanging files.

This desk makes a fantastic addition to any workplace, be it an office or a studio. While it is not designed specifically for gamers, the neat looking tabletop and sleek drawer rack means that you can easily convert this desk into a part of an amazing gaming PC setup, black and red themed builds go along perfectly with this desk since it makes anything look more presentable when placed on top of the smooth white tabletop.

The workspace or tabletop measures 47.25” x 23.75”, while the desk stands 28.25” tall. You don’t have to worry about assembly that much, since it basically involves screwing the drawer and opposing leg sections to the main frame and tabletop, shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to assemble the whole thing. It weighs 75 pounds, and is both uniquely designed as well as stylish looking.


Conveniently placed filing cabinet which can be fitted on both left as well as right sides

Three drawers in the filing cabinet, bottom one holds hanging files

Thick board construction, along with a solid metal frame

Sleek white finish on the drawers and tabletop, while the rest of the frame sports a metallic silver finish

47.25” x 23.75” workspace

Unique design, sleek and stylish looking


Somewhat heavy at nearly 75 pounds

Might not be able to fit dual-monitor gaming PC setups

No keyboard drawer or cable grommets


2. Office Star Prado Complete L-Workstation


This is the perfect desk for studio work or productive individuals who work in graphics/ 3D design and own high-end workstation PCs with multiple monitors. It can also be used for gaming, and can fit 3 or even 4 monitors along with a gaming PC on the top. There are 2 metal cable management grommets on the desk, and the main section can be fitted in both left and right orientations.


For those of you who have always wanted to rock an L-shaped desk for your hardcore gaming PC setup or workstation, this is the best mid-range desk we could find for under 300 dollars that packs a ton of workspace into a relatively moderate footprint.

It measures 60” x 66” in L-configuration and weighs a hefty 95 pounds when fully assembled. The desk stands 29.75” tall from the ground, and can accommodate an aftermarket file cabinet or drawer rack quite comfortably.

Although it does come with metal wire management grommets installed on the main workspace, you might need to purchase a couple cable raceways and a headphone stand or under-desk headphone mount to make this L-shaped workstation desk a gaming-oriented desk. For multi-monitor setups, you can purchase a monitor stand and mount it to the sturdy tabletop that is capable of supporting around 200 pounds of weight with ease.

The frame of this desk is made from metal pipes, which are coated with black paint to prevent scratches or rusting. This desk is available in two colors- white and black. If you want, you can remove the “L-section” and convert this into a standard straight desk which is more compact and fits into smaller rooms more easily.


Lots of workspace thanks to the L-shaped design, 66” x 60”

The L-section can be removed to convert this desk into a standard straight desk

The metal frame is extremely sturdy and features scratch + dust resistant coating.

Wire management grommets included

Can accommodate an aftermarket file cabinet


No keyboard drawer

No wire management boxes or cable raceways included


3. DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Newedge Edition gaming


This is one of the only desks in the market that is being sold under the “gaming desk” tag, and it comes from the same company that has made a name for itself by sponsoring major professional gaming teams as well as countless streamers- DXRacer. These guys make some of the best gaming chairs in the market, but are their gaming desks any good? Let’s find out-


This desk is designed differently from most of the standard computer desks out there, and is currently available in only one size. DXRacer said that they plan on releasing multiple sizes and configurations soon, but for now all you can do is choose from 4 distinct color schemes- black, black/ green, black/ red, and black/ white. The board is made from a mix of wood and thick ABS plastic, and the frame uses a double triangle design for increased stability and structural rigidity.

Steel is used in the construction of this gaming desks unique frame, and there are plenty of wire management options built-in. One unique feature of this desk is the sloped armrest section which is angled at 10° relative to the rest of the workspace.

This angled section allows you to rest your forearms in a natural manner, or even your hands. This gives additional support to the forearms while typing or using the mouse. There are two cable management grommets on the tabletop, along with two more cable cutouts positioned towards the back of the desk.

The 360° rotatable trapezoid feet allow you to move the desk without damaging the floor, and the little rubber feet on the bottom of the legs can be pulled out to help balance the desk on uneven surfaces. The workspace measures 47” x 31.5”, while the desk stands 31.5” tall. It weighs about 70 pounds, and is fairly easy to assemble.


Extremely ergonomic and well-built

Plenty of cable management cutouts

Made from high quality materials

Slanting armrest section


No cable raceways or wire containment sections

No headphone stands/ holders

Desk space is moderate, some people might want a larger desk


4. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk


This is the main competitor of the DXRacer gaming desk, and is made by Arozzi, yet another company that is famous for making gaming chairs but has never ventured into the desk manufacturing space before.

While the Arozzi desk is priced very similarly to the DXRacer, it is designed in a different fashion and resembles a conventional computer desk. This desk is also equipped with a super large mousepad tabletop cloth that covers the entire work area, so you don’t have to invest in a separate gaming mousepad if you are a casual gamer.


The Arozzi Arena is a generously sized gaming desk, and features a somewhat rectangular worktable on the top with an inward curved front section. Beneath this table, lies a metal frame that provides the structural rigidity and support to the desk. This metal frame is attached to a couple of legs on either side that stabilize the desk on top of the floor.

The legs are height adjustable, all you have to do is loosen up a couple of screws on the bottom section of either leg to slide the telescopic inner section out, and when you have found the right height for your needs, just tighten the screws back and you are good to go.

The feet are long and almost span across the entire depth of the desk which is 2’8 ¼ “, these long feet make up for the fact that there are only two legs instead of the more standard 4-leg configuration found on most office desks or tables. There are 3 cutouts in the desk and mousepad for cable management, and a cloth banner underneath the frame allows you to easily stash away cables or power strips/ charging stations.

The entire tabletop is covered by a giant microfiber mousepad that weighs 7 pounds and features stitched edges for maximum durability. The mousepad is thickly padded and has a rubber base to prevent sliding. It is also water-resistant and machine washable so you never have to worry about spilling drinks on it, just pop it into the washing machine for a few minutes and it will come out clean as new.


High quality construction

Premium microfiber cloth mousepad covers the entire tabletop, is spill-resistant and machine washable

Solid metal frame with height-adjustable legs

Three cutouts in the desk and mousepad for easy cable management

Fairly large workspace at 5’3” x 2’8 ¼”, desk height is 31”

Fairly easy to assemble


Takes some effort to assemble

If you take away the mousepad, the exposed tabletop is prone to scratches

Rather heavy, at nearly 85 pounds when fully assembled


Premium Gaming Desks-

1. Vertdesk™ 30″ x 48″ Electric Adjustable Stand Up Desk


This is the first high-end gaming desk on our list, as well as one of the most popular sit-stand desks on the market. The Vertdesk can be equipped with any tabletop, but this particular version comes with a medium sized 48”x 30” tabletop mounted onto the motorized platform. The legs are equipped with spindle drives which push out the upper part of the frame to raise the table height.


Most of you might not be familiar with motorized desks, but worry not- the Vertdesk is one of the most reliable and well-built gaming desks on the market right now. It is equipped with high quality German gears and spindle drives which allow the table legs to extend out of the base platform by up to 18.5”. At the lowest point, this desk stands 28” tall. But as soon as you press the “lift” button, it begins to rise upwards at a steady pace of around 1.1” per second.

The drive system within this desk is capable of lifting a load of up to 200 pounds, which is the equivalent of a 6-foot tall adult human male. You can rest assured that your entire gaming PC and monitor setup will be raised easily by the motorized mechanism, and the best part is that it is completely silent. The desk’s height is controlled through a tiny digital console placed on the edge of the tabletop, it contains two switches with arrows pointing up and down respectively for convenient control.

The tabletop is made from fiberboard, and is reinforced with a strong cross bar made out of steel so that the desk does not flex even in standing position. The height can be adjusted within a range of 28” to 46.5”, and the frame is made from steel coated with black paint that is scratch and rust resistant. The work surface measures 48” x 30”, and when fully assembled this desk weighs 100 pounds.


Extremely smooth lifting mechanism that raises the desk at a steady speed of 1.1” per second, height adjustment range is 28”- 46.5”

Silent motors, German gears and high-quality steel construction

Hardrock maple finish, tabletop is reinforced with a cross bar to prevent flexing

22.5” of legroom, UL approved


Heavy, at nearly 100 pounds

Takes a fair amount of time to assemble


2. ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ Gaming Desk with Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk


This is the desk we recommend for hardcore gamers and elite professionals- it is extremely well built, equipped with one of the best motorized lifting systems of any desk on the market, and has ample cable management features. The ApexDesk Elite series is also one of the largest gaming desks you will find, at 71” in length. It is sturdy, looks neat, and functions smoothly.


What does one look for in a good gaming desk? The features we deem important in any good gaming desk are- reliability, ergonomics, cable management, and workspace size. Guess what, the ApexDesk Elite scores high in all these fields, and it is also a motorized sit-stand type desk meaning that you can use it while sitting or standing.

The easy to use controls let you switch this desks height within seconds, a feature that lets you match the desk height with that of your chair.  It is important that your forearms remain parallel to the desk surface while gaming, and a desk that is height adjustable really helps in this aspect.

Hardcore gamers use high end gaming PCs, and high-end PCs are often connected to several peripheral devices as well as multiple monitors. That is why, the ApexDesk Elite features dual cable management grommets so you can make short work of those pesky cables.

The height can be adjusted between 29” and 48”, at a speed of 1.3” per second. The 2-button control panel is located towards the front and features soft touch buttons. The tabletop measures 71” x 33”, and uses a 1-inch thick MDF core that is covered with high-pressure scratch resistant laminate.

The ApexDesk Elite 71” desk is available in multiple color schemes such as- black top/ black frame, light oak top/ off-white frame, American Walnut top/ Black frame, etc. Some versions of this desk also include a memory controller which remembers the last height setting you used and automatically lifts the desk back to that height when you start using it. The lift system is driven by dual electric motors, which take their power from a 110V AC supply, and can lift a maximum load of 235 pounds.


Extremely well-built, steel frame and MDF core tabletop that is 1” thick and coated with a high-pressure scratch resistant laminate

Dual motors provide a lift capacity of up to 235 pounds

Rises at a speed of 1.3” per second, between a range of 29” and 48”.

71” x 33” workspace

Screw-less assembly


No cable runways or wire sleeves

Underframe weighs 90 pounds, tabletop weighs another 20-25 pounds depending on size and material




One of the best sit-stand desks on the market right now, the UPDESK POWERUP is the best gaming desk you can purchase right now, provided you have the money for it. It is powered by a special twin-lift system that utilizes dual electric motors, one in each leg.

The desk features a curved tabletop and can lift up to 300 pounds of weight. It also features a programmable height control and automatic height adjustment system that is controlled through an onboard computer.


The UPDESK POWERUP is more than just a desk- it is a whole new experience. Combining the best materials and desk design with intelligent microprocessor technology, the UPDESK POWERUP is designed to provide its user with an experience like no other.

Not only is this desk capable of rising and lowering, but it does so automatically. The height can be adjusted between 24.5” and 50”, at a speed of 1.5” per second. Lifting capacity is 300 pounds, and the lift system is powered by two independent motor assemblies, one located in each leg.

The tabletop features curved edges and is made from 1.25” thick laminate that has been coated with scratch and dust resistant paint. The desktop includes cable management channels on the underside for clean and efficient cable management.

You can replace the default tabletop with any standard tabletop or a custom-built board. The base is available for purchase separately, this is the main part of the desk and contains the lower platform, lift mechanisms, control panel, frame, etc. Takes 20 minutes to assemble, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The 3-stage black base is equipped with adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces, and the curved tabletop measures 72” x 30”. The desk is extremely easy to assemble- attach 6 bolts to each leg, plug in some wires, and you are done.

There is a steel crossbar on the underside of the tabletop that serves as reinforcement for the massive 72” long wooden board, and prevents it from flexing under load. Just to give you an idea of how strong this table is, a 205-pound customer sat on it and operated the lift system. The desk lifted him up effortlessly, and there was no creaking or flex in the tabletop.


Extremely well-built, quiet operation

Large height adjustment range- 24.5” to 50”

Massive 72” x 30” workspace

Microprocessor assisted control panel with buttons to store profiles and automatically adjust height

Smooth and quiet operation

Cable management channels underneath the desktop


Slightly more expensive than other sit-stand desks on the market

No cable grommets



We hope that you found this article helpful, and have made the choice on which desk to buy. Always go for functionality over looks if you are a power user, since productivity and ease of use is more important to professionals than aesthetic appeal. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on synergy with the rest of your furniture and home finishing.

There are plenty of color and finish options when it comes to desks, and choose the right one based on your preferences/ taste. Cable management is often times overlooked, and it can be a life saver if you own a high-end setup with a lot of peripherals (multiple monitors, printers/ projectors, consoles, controllers, microphone, audio amplifier systems, etc.).

There are plenty of aftermarket cable management kits available for purchase though, and you can also buy cable sleeves to neatly bunch up stray power cords or display outputs. Some desks also come with built-in headphone stands and cup holders. Your desk is a long-term purchase since you will use it for at least 4-5 years, so make sure that it has everything you need.