10 Best Gaming Chairs in 2018 That Are Comfy to Sit In

We have noticed that gamers focus too much on the gaming PC itself, and forget about their own physical health and comfort. You may not realize it now, but playing for several hours a day in a poor posture can lead to some serious health issues in the future. Gamers don’t pay attention to how they are sitting, the height of the table, the position of the armrest, or the way their hand is resting on the table.

The difference between an ordinary chair and a gaming chair is similar to the difference between a gaming mouse and ordinary mouse- one is optimized for gamers, the other isn’t. There are certain features that define a good gaming chair- comfort, ergonomics, lumbar support, adjustable armrests and head cushions, etc. A good gaming chair is also meant to be sturdy and should be designed to allow for proper ventilation through the back, so that you stay cool no matter how heated things get inside the game.

Gaming chairs also look very different from a standard home or office chair- they typically feature bucket type designs with high backs that allow you to sink into the chair when you play games, completely immersing yourself into the game. We know it can be hard to find a proper gaming chair, given the number of brands and models that are out there in the market. Which is why, we did our research to make sure that you get the best gaming chair for the money that you pay.

All the chairs in this list are ordered from cheapest to costliest, and as you go deeper into the list, you will find chairs with advanced features and extra-premium material. Choose the chair that suits your body type and budget- we have chairs for both average and tall people. All of the chairs on this list are height adjustable, most of them come with reclining backs and lumbar support.

1. KILLABEE Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair


The KILLABEE Ergonomic gaming chair is affordably priced and has a lot of interesting features like changeable height, tilting backrest, 3D adjustable armrest, etc. It is colored in black and red, and gives off a nice sporty vibe. The chair uses a bucket seat and features a rocking high back filled with comfortable foam padding to support your back during long gaming sessions.


Very few gaming chair manufacturers offer such value at this price. KILLABEE isn’t as popular as DXRacer or Maxnomic, but its products are by no means of a lower quality. In fact, this black and red colored gaming chair exceeded our expectations- it features fully adjustable components and uses a premium PU leather cushioning on the top that is extremely soft to the touch and feels very comfortable to sit on.

You can adjust the chair height, as well as the tilt of the backrest. The armrests can be moved up/ down, front/ back, and even right/ left. The frame of this chair is made from steel alloy, so you can rest assured that no matter how much load you put on the chair, it won’t give up on you. The height adjustment system consists of an explosion proof gas lift chamber which complies with international standards for safety. Maximum weight capacity of this gaming chair is 350 lbs.

Moving on to the dimensions of the chair- it measures 27.2″ x 25.2″ x 47.2″- 50.4″, and the seating area is 21.7” x 20.5”. The backrest has ventilation openings cut into it, these do not take away from the support or comfort, but ensure that your back stays cool even during the most intense of gaming sessions.

The tall backrest measures around 20.5” x 31.9”, and the bucket shaped seat allows you to sink in comfortably while also ensuring that you retain a proper posture at all times. The raised edges on either side of the seat support your thighs, while the waterfall style drop towards the front of the seat keeps the area around your ankles comfortable.


Height can be changed, 3D adjustable armrest, tilting backrest

Comfortable PU leather cover

Sturdy metal frame

Highly reliable gas spring suspension

Large seating area and tall backrest

350lbs weight capacity


Setting up the chair takes a while, since instructions are not very clear

The casters tend to jam at times


2. Qwork High Back Gaming Chair


With its easily cleanable, environment-friendly PU leather upholstery and extra dense foam cushioning, the Qwork high back gaming chair is one of the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in. It allows one to play for hours without feeling any numbness or pain. The explosion free gas lift system and metal frame add to the reliability of this chair, making it just as sturdy as it is comfortable.


Gaming chairs are different from regular chairs, but there is one thing we all can agree on-  first and foremost, a chair needs to be comfortable. And talking of comfort, it doesn’t get much more comfortable than the Qwork high back gaming chair. Its PU leather cover is not only comfortable to the touch, but it is also extremely easy to clean and is environment friendly.

The foam underneath is extra dense for added cushioning, and it is especially good for larger or heavier people (maximum capacity of this chair is 300 pounds). The pleasant thing about this foam is that it doesn’t just fall flat when you put weight on top, instead it allows the weight to sink in, forming a pit.

The metal frame and class-4 explosion proof gas lift make this chair extremely tough and reliable, and it features a 360° swivel along with a 90° – 150° back tilt. There is a removable headrest pillow, and the headrest itself has two openings to allow airflow around the back of the head and neck.

A lumbar cushion (removable, adjustable via strap) provides support for your lower back, and prevents you from leaning forward while playing. Overall Height is 52.4 to 56.3 inches, seat width and depth are 20.2” and 20.8” respectively. The height adjustable armrest is 3” wide and 11” long. Backrest is 33.5” tall, and there is a lifetime warranty on the frame of the chair.


PU leather cover, easy to clean and environment-friendly

Adjustable height, armrest and tilting back

Class-4 explosion proof gas suspension

Metal frame

Extra dense foam cushioning

Removable neck and lumbar pillows


Armrest is not 3D adjustable

Weighs 49 pounds


3. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal


Designed primarily for console gamers, the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series is one of the best gaming chairs for people who are used to couches or sofas. It is extremely comfortable, allows you to recline all the way back, and doubles up as a rocker. It even contains two built-in speakers and a subwoofer for the ultimate immersive gaming experience.


Few chairs are as comfortable as the X Rocker 51396 Pro. And even fewer chairs come with built-in 2.1 AFM (Audio Force Modulation) sound. Yes, the X Rocker 51396 Pro features dual stereo speakers and a subwoofer to deliver an unrivaled sense of immersion while gaming.

It is primarily intended for console gamers, although if you play on PC by connecting it to your living room TV, then this chair is for you. There is even a built-in wireless receiver and radio transmitter, along with RCA stereo inputs. The pedestal stand offers tilt and swivel capabilities, while the extra heavily cushioned seat and back make this chair a pleasure to sit in.

The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort over long gaming sessions, and the gunstock armrests are adjustable. You can use this rocker chair for gaming, watching movies, relaxing, and reading. The frame underneath has extremely thick cushioning and is made of metal, one of the main reasons why this monstrosity weighs 54 pounds.

The chair measures 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches, if you measure height with back support it is about 42”. The upholstery is easy to clean, although it is not very breathable because of the leather-like material on top. Despite looking very large and complex, this chair barely takes 7-10 minutes to setup, which is definitely a surprise.


Very comfortable, leather finish with thick cushioning

Adjustable armrests

Built in 2.1 AFM audio system with RCA inputs and wireless receiver/ transmitter

Perfect for relaxing, gaming, watching movies, or reading


The pedestal base limits mobility, it also weighs 54 pounds

No adjustable headrest or lumbar support


4. Gt Omega Pro Racing Gaming Chair


The Gt Omega Pro gaming chair contains almost all the features found on much more expensive gaming chairs, and it is built to last for a very long time. There are removable neck and lumbar pillows, along with adjustable armrests and a tilting back. The chair has been designed to be ergonomic and orthopedically safe. It combines comfort, functionality, and style into one reasonably priced package.


Some gaming chairs are extremely comfortable, others offer a high degree of customizability and adjustable parts. The Gt Omega Pro gaming chair however, happens to be the complete package- comfort, build quality, style, and functionality all in one place. The best part is that it is very reasonably priced, it is not cheap but definitely more than worth it for the price.

Built upon a sturdy metal frame and featuring a reliable gas piston height adjustment system, the Gt Omega Pro gaming chair is as reliable as any gaming chair can be. It supports up to 120 kg of weight (264 pounds), and is supported by a five-star aluminum base.

The chair also includes removable neck and lumbar pillows, along with 4D adjustable armrests which can be moved up/ down, right/ left, and forward/ backward. The back can be titled between an angle of 85 to 190°, and the chair can swivel a full 360°. Height adjustment allows you to raise or lower the seat height based on your table height/ your own height.

When fully assembled (takes 5-10 minutes), the chair weighs 23 kg. The five-star aluminum base rests on black caster wheels, each one of them is 2” in diameter. The vinyl upholstery is smooth and easy to clean, and the raised sides of the seat offer plenty of thigh support. Measures 20.5 x 22.4 x 50 inches.


Tall back with bucket seat, racing seat design

Removable lumbar and neck pillows

4D adjustable armrests with tilting back and 360° swivel

Metal frame with 5-star aluminum base

Reliable gas piston height adjustment

Cold molded foam padding


People taller than 6’2” may not find it comfortable


5. AKRacing K-7 Series Premium Gaming Chair


Unlike most other chairs on this list, the AKRacing K-7 gaming chair uses a high quality breathable fabric instead of PU leather. This means that you will stay cooler while gaming, and the cushioning is also better. The fabric is designed to last longer, and everything is mounted on top of a steel frame for increased durability.


The AKRacing K-7 series gaming chair is perfect for people who live in hot climates, or just people who tend to sweat a lot while gaming. It uses a special high strength breathable fabric instead of synthetic leather, which results in increased comfort and a longer lifetime. One of the main drawbacks, however, is the fabrics affinity for stains- it is harder to clean than a vinyl or PU leather surface since liquids are absorbed more easily.

But it is also more breathable and durable. The K-7 features a full 180° reclining backseat, removable neck and lumbar pillows, and an impressive 330 pounds weight limit. It is built on a sturdy steel frame, and each chair goes through a rigorous quality control process that involves 11 distinct testing phases to ensure that the chair is perfectly fine when it arrives at your home.

The wheel base is made from iron, unlike most other chairs which use aluminum bases. The iron base is heavier, but is also much sturdier than a common aluminum base. Both the backrest as well as the seat are fitted with cold cured foam molding, and the class 4 gas piston lift system is extremely reliable.

Measuring in at 20 x 22 x 52.7 inches, the K-7 from AKRacing is perfect for people around 6 feet in height. The bucket seat accommodates your hips and thighs perfectly, and the raised edges provide ample support while gaming.


Breathable fabric upholstery

Cold cured foam molding on back and seat

Steel frame with iron base

Class 4 gas piston lift

Removable neck and lumbar pillows

Tilt and lock backrest (up to 180°)


Fabric upholstery is harder to clean compared to vinyl or PU leather

The bucket style seat can prove to be a little too narrow for some people


6. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NR Newedge Edition


The DXRacer Formula series is designed as a great sitting experience for gamers who value comfort and functionality. It is a little less expensive than most of the other DXRacer chairs, and offers many of the features found on more expensive premium gaming chairs. One of the unique qualities of this chair is the material used in its seat- it is a mixture of PU and mesh, delivering both breathability and comfort at the same time.


The DXRacer Formula lineup of gaming chairs is famous for delivering the best of both worlds- breathability and a smooth, easy to clean surface. Its seat uses a combination of durable fabric along with PU, resulting in a surface that feels like vinyl but is also breathable. This is a bonus for people who live in a hot climate and need a breathable mesh style chair, but don’t want to sacrifice the smooth feeling and easy clean nature of PU.

The race car style bucket seat design is extremely comfortable to sit in, and has raised edges or “wings” on either side that act as support for your thighs. Padded armrests and an extra high backrest keep your arms and back comfortable at all times.

The backrest can be tilted back, and there is a gentle curve along the backrest that supports your spine and especially the lower back. The area around the neck will stay well ventilated, thanks to the air passageways that are cut into the backrest. The nylon base is both sturdy and extremely lightweight, along with the class-4 gas piston spring mounted on top, this chair is guaranteed to be extremely sturdy and reliable.

The DXRacer Formula DOH/FD101/NR series chair measures 27” x 21” x 50-53”, and weighs approximately 49 pounds when assembled. It is designed to hold a maximum weight of 200 pounds, and is suitable for people between the height of 5’6” to 5’10”.


PU and fabric seat cover is breathable, durable and easy to clean

Gas piston lift and tubular steel frame

Adjustable armrest

Swivel and tilt functionality


Best suited to people between 5’8” and 5’10” (supports a maximum weight of 200 pounds)

No neck or lumbar pillows included


7. Vertagear S-Line SL4000 Racing Series Gaming Chair


The SL4000 gaming chair is a premium model from one of the most respected gaming chair manufacturers- Vertagear. It is also one of the easiest chairs to assemble, thanks to the “slide-in” design process. The racing themed Pentad rs1 casters are coated with PU so that they can smoothly roll on any surface.


Vertagear makes some of the best gaming chairs in the market, and the S-Line SL4000 is definitely up there in the ranks of best gaming chairs on the market right now. It is comfortable, durable, and highly customizable. The reinforced 5-star base is made from a heavy-duty metal alloy that guarantees stability and acts as a great platform for mounting the advanced gas piston lift mechanism.

This lift system allows you to effortlessly adjust the height of the chair with the pull of a lever, and it also synchronizes well with the lock and tilt function built into the backrest (you can tilt it up to 180° backwards). The bucket style seat has raised sides which support your thighs.

One of the really wonderful things about this chair is the armrest, it is covered with PU so that you can place your arm on it for hours without feeling any numbness or pain. The armrest can be lifted up/ down, extended to the left/ right, and moved forward/ backward. There are racing themed Pentad rs1 casters attached to the base, these casters are also coated with PU so that they can roll smoothly on hard floors and carpets alike.

The “wings” around the upper back area of the backrest supports your shoulders well, while the removable neck and lumbar pillows provide exceptional comfort for your neck and lower back. Measures 23.2 x 25.6 x 53.6 inches.


Bucket style seat with tall back

Tilt and swivel, 4D adjustable armrests

PU coating on armrests and casters

Removable lumbar and neck pillows

Steel frame and durable gas piston lift


Weighs 55 pounds when assembled

Side supports on the seat are rather tall and can be uncomfortable for some people with wider hips


8. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV131/NR Gaming Chair


If you are a person with slightly wider hips/ waist than most people and you don’t like the extra tall “wing” or side supports found on the seats of most gaming chairs that use the racing seat design, then this DXRacer chair might prove to be of interest to you.

It still features the side supports, but they are less obvious and mostly stay out of the way. Also, this is an amazingly durable chair and is designed with functionality and versatility in mind.


The DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV131/NR gaming chair is designed to be versatile and durable. What it lacks in terms of style and extra features, it makes up for by providing an amazing sitting experience for people of varying heights and body types. The extra tall side “wings” or supports found on either edge of most racing seat style gaming chairs can prove to be rather uncomfortable to people with larger bodies or wide hips.

While the manufacturer claims that their seat is 23” wide, it is actually about 18” wide because of the side supports which poke into your thighs and create discomfort while sitting on the chair for longer periods of time. The DXRacer DOH/RV131/NR features a rather flat seat with no mountainous terrain on the sides, yes there are still side supports, but the edges are rather round and there is soft foam padding underneath for extra comfort.

The cover is made from vinyl and PU, along with a few touches of breathable mesh at just the right spots for that added ventilation. Easy to clean, comfortable to sit on, and highly adjustable thanks to the tilt and swivel along with a 4D armrest- the DXRacer DOH/RV131/NR is a chair that gets all the core features right.

The backrest is extra-tall and features a subtle curve that runs down from the neck region all the way down to the hips- this provides lumbar support which prevents people from hunching over and bending their spinal column the wrong way. Measures 21 x 27 x 53 inches, maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. Perfect for people who are between 5’8” and 6’3” in height. Recommended BMI of user is < 30.


Comfortable seat with PU and vinyl cover, as well as mesh for breathability

Soft and thick cushioning

Tall backrest, can be tilted back

Swivels 360°

4D adjustable armrests

3” PU casters

Steel frame


Not suitable for short/ small people

No neck or lumbar pillows included with chair


9. DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NC


Not only is it one of the best-looking gaming chairs out there, but the DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NC gaming chair is also one of the most comfortable chairs you can find. It is designed with a flatter seat and has a tall back for hardcore gamers. The steel frame and gas piston lift system allow this chair to hold up to 300 pounds of weight.


If you are between 5’6” to 5’11”, and happen to be a little wide around the hips or waist, then this is the chair for you. Capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of weight thanks to the ingenious tubular steel frame and aluminum base, the DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NC is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs on the market.

And, it looks amazing too. The armrests are 3D adjustable (can be adjusted in three different directions), and the back can tilt to fit your preferred position. The backrest of this chair is 33” tall and 23” wide, the seat is somewhat flatter than most gaming chairs in order to suit larger people.

The vinyl covered foam cushions protect your back and buttocks from discomfort, while the PU coated armrests keep your arms comfortable even after hours of non-stop gaming. There is a lifetime warranty on the steel frame, and a 24-month warranty on the parts.

The backrest is padded with dense foam and a soft fabric that is breathable. The leather style vinyl is comfortable to sit on, and easy to clean. When fully assembled, the chair weighs around 70 pounds and measures 24 x 27 x 51 inches. It rolls on 3” PU casters.


Steel frame, leather style vinyl covers

Breathable fabric covers on backrest

Thick padding and 3D adjustable armrests

Tilt and swivel

3” PU casters

300 pounds maximum load capacity


No adjustable neck or lumbar support

Not for people above 6 feet tall


10. N Seat Pro 600 Series Gaming Chair


Top of the line, racing-inspired, and highly ergonomic. Thick, dense foam padding on the armrests, seat, and back ensures the most comfortable sitting experience while gaming for several hours non-stop. Equipped with nylon/ PVC casters which ensure sturdiness and stability while also keeping the overall weight down for additional portability between rooms.


The N Seat Pro 600 gaming chair is one of the best chairs money can buy. It is comfortable, stylish, and filled with amazing features. The materials used in the construction of this chair were chosen carefully to ensure that it remains sturdy without making the system too heavy.

There is more than enough cushioning on the back and seat to hold even the heaviest of people for several hours at a stretch, and even the armrests are padded to make them more comfortable. The ergonomics are brilliant, every little thing has been tweaked and tuned to make sure that it complies to the highest standards of comfort and safety.

The tall backrest can tilt back with the pull of a lever, and you can lock it in position whenever you want, at any angle. The gas lift system lets you adjust the chair height to match your desk, and the 4-Directional adjustable armrests ensure that your wrists, shoulders, and arms never get tired no matter how long you game.

The headrest and lumbar support are built with memory foam for maximum comfort, and the swivel function lets you spin the chair 360°. Instead of using metal base, N Seat decided to go with a nylon/ PVC base which is sturdy enough to support 350 pounds of weight, but is also much lighter than steel or aluminum bases that support the same amount of weight.

Seat width and depth are 50cm and 48cm respectively, backrest is 80cm tall, and the chair height can be adjusted between 49 to 58cm. The covers are made from PVC leather with a carbon fiber accent to give the chair a racing vibe, and the entire unit weighs 55 pounds after assembly.


Extremely comfortable, PVC leather cover

Memory foam used in the lumbar support and headrest

Steel frame, PVC/ nylon base

Tilt and lock backrest, chair swivels 360°

4-Directional adjustable padded armrest

Supports up to 350 pounds of weight


Back isn’t very breathable

Headrest pillow needs to be slightly larger



Before you purchase a chair, remember to check if its height and depth are in accordance with your own body type, i.e. some people are taller than 6 feet and may find that a regular size gaming chair feels uncomfortable. There are special models for larger people, chairs with taller backs and thicker cushioning.

There are chairs designed to hold more than 400 pounds of weight, built from steel and aluminum. Different models have their strengths and weakness, some are extremely customizable while others feature plush cushioning and comfortable headrests or plenty of ventilation around the shoulders and lower back.

If you sweat a lot while gaming, you may want a chair with a mesh back or ventilation openings around the neck/ lower back. If you tend to hunch forward while gaming, then a chair with good lumbar support for your lower back is essential. If you feel like your hand is angled against the table instead of lying parallel to it, try getting a chair with adjustable armrests.

Choose the chair that fulfills your specific requirements, don’t skimp out on money while making the choice- a cramped wrist and hunched back can cause several orthopedic issues in the future if you don’t take care of them from the beginning. Better correct your posture now and spend a few extra dollars on a good chair, rather than visit the doctor.


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