Which is the Most Powerful Gaming Laptop?

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image of Alienware M18 Did it ever cross your mind to go insane and buy the most powerful and expensive laptop out there? Or you simply have the money to do it and just want to know where to go and to checkout? Well in this article we’re going to take a look at gamers’ wildest dream as of 2016 with our pick as the most powerful gaming laptop. It’s no surprise that this model comes from Alienware. They have been designing the most powerful (and expensive) laptops for years now, and they can pretty much be trusted completely when it comes to this field. Their latest beast is called the Alienware M18. We already outlined the Alienware M17 in a previous article for another price bracket, but this one is totally in another world price-wise. It’s a model that can make your wildest dreams in terms of performance, fluidity and possibilities come true.

To start off with the biggest components that power this laptop, we have the i7-3940X (3.0 – 3.9 GHz) as the processor and some Dual 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M graphics card that work through the usual SLI technology. Then, we have 32 GB of Corsair Vengeance, which is a company often trusted for RAM memory in high end computers. Then when it comes to storage, this laptop is all SSD. You first get a main 1024 GB SSD, and then two Samsung 830 512GB, which is one of the most reliable SSD models released to date. SSD have gotten a bit of critics over the years, but they’re now really stable and the Samsung 830 is exactly proof of that. Let’s then mention a high performance Blu-ray reader that comes with the device.

What can this laptop do? Well pretty much anything obviously, but we should definitely mention the possibility to overclock, because the i7 in this computer can attain amazing speeds. More importantly, customers are reporting that it can take on any game, at any settings, so it’s basically all up to you what you try to do with it. And what’s even better is that the A18 does reach this amazing performance without much overheating. The cooling on this laptop is truly wonderful.

The good looks should also play a role in why you’re putting this much money down for this laptop. Just like the Alienware 17, the colors of the lights all around the computer can be customized through software. Everything is quality on the A18, from the screen to the keyboard and the speakers as well. The sound you can get out of these high-definition speakers is amazing. There’s a Creative Sound Blaster card backing up the sound system and you will get true 5.1 audio as you game. And oh, we didn’t even mention yet how big the screen is on this laptop: 18.4-inch. It’s really an even better experience to play on a screen this big. Of course, this makes the device a little less portable, but it’s so powerful and so well built that you will certainly choose to go along with it.

Beware though, that these kinds of models can come down in value pretty quickly. Simply because of the fact that computer parts go down in value over time, you could very well find a computer like this significantly reduced in price in no time. Especially when it comes to the very latest hardware parts just released from manufacturers, the drop can be dramatic. Buying the last graphics card or processor from NVIDIA or Intel is always extremely expensive at first. All prices do go down in time though. If you find yourself about to buy this kind of laptop out of a budget, think twice before doing so because there’s probably a model half as expensive to that will do the job just as well for you. And not to forget is the idea of purchasing the correct warranty or support plan to make sure that you spend your time gaming, rather than fixing your purchase.

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