6 Great Gaming Laptops Costing Below 700 Bucks in 2017

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good choice for under 700 dollars price rangeIf you’ve come here, you’ve probably already researched “gaming laptops under 700” on a search engine or shopping website, and you’re now looking for second advice. In this article, we’re going to do an extensive rundown of some of the best options for under 700 category.

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There will be all kinds of laptops in this list: laptops for work, pure gaming laptops, hybrid models, big ones, more portables ones, etc. There will be something for everyone who’s looking to buy a laptop under this very reasonable and smart budget. Keep in mind that protecting your investment with a warranty should be a great choice at this price point – you wouldn’t want a problem to appear shortly after the default one-year warranty runs out and have to buy a new one or have to make expensive repairs.

Here Is the Best Gaming Laptop Priced Under 700- Latest & Recommended

1. The Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-53VG

Acer has always been a reliable manufacturer of budget laptops, and although this particular model does not come with “gaming” plastered all over it, it is actually one of the top performing notebooks under $700 in terms of sheer graphics power. The reason we included it in the list is because of the dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 940MX GPU. This graphics chip is paired with 2 GB of high speed GDDR5 memory, and consumes less power than most other dedicated graphics chips of the same class, especially the AMD R series chips. Paired with the latest Intel 6th generation Core i5-6200U processor, this NVIDIA GPU is capable of running most modern AA titles as well as any indie game, on high settings at very playable frame rates (40-60 fps). If you decide to play the latest AAA titles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Witcher 3, etc. you can still play them at 40+ fps, provided you turn the settings down to medium. E-sports titles such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike GO, and Overwatch will run at 70-100 fps on moderate settings.

The display on this budget laptop consists of a 15.6” full HD 1080p TN panel, and although its color reproduction is nowhere near the level of an IPS panel, it costs 1/3rd as much and does the job for gaming. That’s because color accuracy is not going to matter as much, since you’ll probably be playing everything on low-medium settings anyways. The Intel Core i5-6200U CPU in this laptop runs at 2.8 GHz, and is equipped with 2 hyper threaded Processor cores, so it is great for multitasking. Also, the low TDP rating means that this processor sips through the battery much more slowly than a regular laptop CPU, and you can easily expect the laptop to run for 7-9 hours as long as you’re not gaming or doing some heavy task such as photo editing, video encoding, etc.

There is 8 GB of RAM on this little 5.3 pound machine, and the storage consists of a 256 GB SSD. Thanks to the super-fast SSD, your laptop will boot up in seconds, and you won’t have to get up for a snack every time you start your game or load a new level. Photos, videos, and menus will load much faster and you can transition between tabs and multiple browsers without feeling any lag or slowdowns. The laptop comes with Windows 10 Home preinstalled, and you’re also getting a backlit keyboard as a bonus. For this price, the Acer E15 really shines out as one of the most feature packed and powerful laptops. Read our in-depth review of this laptop.


2. The Lenovo Z70, Core i5 Version

There are two things that everyone loves about Lenovo laptops and those are the build quality, as well as the amazing keyboards. These guys don’t exactly manufacture flashy looking products, but whenever they make a product, no matter how cheap it is, they fit it with a sturdy shell and a great keyboard that is an absolute pleasure to type on. The Z70 line from Lenovo is known to contain some great gaming machines and their latest iteration comes with two processor options- the Core i5, and the Core i7. We have included the Core i5 model in this list instead of the Core i7 one, because 2 hyper threaded cores are more than sufficient for entry level gaming, especially because even the most hardcore AAA titles are yet to take advantage of more than 4 cores. The turbo boost allows this 2.4 GHz i5 to pump up the core clock all the way up to nearly 3 GHz, whenever you encounter a heavy fighting scene or explosion-filled sequence inside your game.

But processor performance alone does not make a laptop good for gaming, which is why Lenovo threw in a NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M graphics chip. This dedicated graphics processor packs 2 GB of DDR3 memory, and is amazing for tasks ranging from light gaming to entry level photo and video editing. If you are going to be playing previous generation games or e-sports titles, then rest assured, the GT840M will easily deliver 60+ fps as long as you don’t get too greedy with the in game graphics settings.

If you want to store a ton of games, photos, movies, and songs in your budget laptop without buying an external hard drive, then you’ll love the fact that this cheap laptop comes with a 1 TB 5400 rpm drive in order to fulfill all your mass storage needs. Yes, it not as fast as a SSD, but it also stores 4 times as much data. Also, you’re getting 8 GB of solid storage built into the hard drive, since this is a hybrid drive. You can use this 8 GB of flash memory to store a couple of software programs or frequently played games. The RAM is pretty standard for this price point at 8 GB, which is solid for budget gaming, and Windows 10 Home comes preinstalled.


3. The Lenovo Ideapad 700 80RU00FEUS

We really love Lenovo, which is why we decided to include a second Lenovo machine in this list of sub-$700 gaming laptops. Nope, we actually did it because this particular model is the only sub-$700 laptop that contains a NVIDIA GTX 950 graphics chip. Seriously, this is the exact same graphics chip that comes in actual “gaming” laptops which cost anywhere between 800 and 1200 dollars. Just to give you an idea of how powerful the GTX 950 is (for the price, of course), it is capable of handling current generation AAA titles at medium-high settings and will deliver 60+ fps on games such as GTA 5, Rainbow Six, Assasins Creed, etc. Add in the fact that you are also getting a 256 PCIe SSD, and the deal suddenly becomes a whole lot sweeter. Now, keep in mind that this is not a regular SATA SSD, this is a PCIe SSD, which offers nearly 2 times the read speed, and about 30% faster write speeds. This is the type of storage that goes into high end gaming machines, and is actually overkill for gaming alone.

Even after fitting all this amazing hardware in the laptop, Lenovo did not cheap out on the build quality at all. The body has zero flex to it, and the keyboard feels absolutely great. The Core i5 6300HQ is a standard voltage processor, and is much more powerful than the U-series of Intel processors, since those are designed to extend battery life by sipping less power. But not this one, it will suck your battery really fast while gaming and will also deliver equally much better performance than an ultrabook processor. If battery life isn’t a concern, and you are ready to stretch your budget a little bit (still less than $700), this is the most powerful gaming laptop on this entire list, hands down.


4. The Asus X555UB

Powered by a 6th generation “Skylake” processor from Intel, the X555UB is a laptop designed for light gaming, entry level photo editing, and general multimedia usage. The full HD 1080p LED backlit display on this ASUS is among one of the best that we have ever seen on any sub-$600 laptop, in terms of color reproduction and contrast. To power this display, the laptop is equipped with a 2 GB NVIDIA GT 940M graphics chip, and 2 GB of dedicated DDR3 graphics RAM. At the center of it all, lies the 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5 6200U processor, which is a low voltage ultrabook processor and is designed to extend battery life. But it can kick up the core clock to 2.8 GHz when you are running games or heavy software. The 8 GB of DDR3 RAM is pretty standard for a laptop at this price point, and it comes with an ergonomically designed keyboard that is among one of the better budget laptop keyboards out there.

For storage, you have a 1 TB 7200 rpm hard drive, which is actually faster than the standard 5400 rpm drives found in similarly priced budget laptops. For connectivity, there is Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, and some USB ports. Windows 10 Home comes pre-installed, and the whole laptop weighs about 5.07 lbs with the battery. Our verdict on this machine is that it is a great option if you’re into casual gaming and also want to do some photo editing, video encoding, etc. on the side. It also doubles up as a great multimedia PC, since the 1080p LED backlit display is great for watching movies.


5. The MSI CX62 6QD-047US

Normally we don’t expect to see an MSI laptop at this price range, since they are known for their super powerful, ultra-flashy gaming laptops that look like miniature Transformers. But MSI did surprise us, with the amount of processing power that they have put into this compact 15.6” laptop. It is labeled as a “business laptop”, but with the addition of a NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics chip it seems more like a hybrid gaming laptop. The 6th generation Core i5-6300HQ is a standard voltage laptop processor and delivers sufficient processing power for all your daily gaming, web browsing, and movie- watching needs. You can comfortably hit 40+ fps on any AA or indie title on medium-high settings, and 30+ fps on the latest AAA titles at medium settings.

The 2 GB of GDDR5 VRAM is sufficient to last you for the next couple of years, and stuff like Dota 2, Counter Strike GO, League of Legends, Minecraft, etc. will run at extremely smooth frame rates, if you play around with the graphics settings. The display is rather mediocre, it is a 1366 x 768 TN panel, and is LED backlit. The RAM is 8 GB, but it is DDR4, meaning that it is going to be faster than the standard DDR3 that you find at this price point. For storage, you are getting a 5400 rpm 1 TB hard drive with genuine Windows 10 preinstalled on it.


6. The HP Pavilion 15.6

Now HP is renowned for providing amazing value at super cheap prices, even though their build quality is not regarded as the best when you compare them to manufacturers such as Lenovo, ASUS, etc. But, they have a really good entry level gaming machine in the Pavilion 15t. This little beauty packs a full HD 1080p IPS touchscreen (for less than $700), and a 6th generation Intel processor. Now, the Lenovo Ideapad 700 shocked us by including a high end grade graphics chip in a sub-$700 machine. HP came in on this list even though this laptop does not have a dedicated graphics chip, and use the onboard Intel 530 graphics.

Why did we put the Pavilion 15t on this list then? Well, the simple answer to that question lies in the processor that comes with this machine. Believe it or not, it is a full-blown, standard voltage Core i7 6700HQ CPU, the same one that is found on 2000 dollar gaming laptops from ASUS, MSI, and Alienware. Even if it does not have dedicated graphics from NVIDIA or AMD, the inbuilt 530 series onboard graphics is more than capable of handling AA titles, indie games, previous generation games, and e-sports titles at extremely smooth frame rates.

Also, if you’re into stuff like video editing, photo editing, and other creative work, then the 6700HQ is an absolute beast. This is not only a great gaming laptop for less than $700, it is also THE best photo editing laptop under 700 bucks on the market right now. The reason for that is Photoshop runs absolutely fine on Intel graphics, and the 4-core, 8-thread CPU is super, super good for such tasks. Coupled with the 10-point multi touch IPS display, this laptop makes for an amazing multimedia and gaming machine, and at such a low price you can’t really ask for more. Storage is provided by a 1 TB 5400 RPM hard drive, and it comes with Windows 10 Home preinstalled.

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