5 Must Have Gaming Accessories

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In this article we’re going to take a look at the most essential gaming accessories. In other words, these are items you can’t really skip if you’re serious about gaming. It’s not like one component will transform your whole game, but each time you neglect to have the right equipment, you can lose the edge over your opponent. Let’s take a look at our first item.

Gaming Mouse

gaming mouseGaming mice weren’t considered essential items in the past, but with all the shapes that are now available on the market, there’s no way you won’t be able to find a shape that fits your hand better than the one on the mouse that came with your computer. Or better yet, if you bought a gaming laptop, put a little additional money to play with something decent when you have the necessary space to do so.

Also, if you play with gamers online that are a bit knowledgeable about the hobby, they will most likely assume that you own one of these and talk to you about it. Playing around with your mouse settings and comparing them with your friends can be a fun way to interact and improve your game at the same time.

Gaming Keyboard

A gaming keyboard might sound less useful, but the difference is definitely felt when you own one. You can program all your macros to different buttons and create the ultimate layout to gain a major advantage in your games, especially MMORPGs like World of Warcraft.

Also, gaming keyboards are generally backlit and allow you to game with confidence in the dark… and we all know how gaming sessions are often well prolonged into the night. If you buy a gaming laptop, make sure to try to pick one on which the keyboard has these functionalities.

Gaming Headphones

gaming headphonesI guess all of us initially started with those MP3 headphones in our drawer to game with on the computer. It’s then pretty quick to realize how these aren’t made to hear well or to play for long sessions of gaming. Today’s lines of gaming headphones are very evolved and come in all sorts of prices and looks, so you will easily be able to find a pair that fits you.

Some fit around the ear and some fit directly on the ear, but one thing’s for sure and its that they will be better than the ones that came with your iPod. This will be good both for the protection of your ears and your gaming performance.


mousepadAre you still using that mouse pad you got at some promotional event or that came with your computer? You will be surprised when you test out all the different surfaces available. There’s something to fit all kinds of preferences, be it size (for those with really low sensitivity), support and texture. Those last two aspects are especially important, because some mousepads are thicker and provide more comfort for the wrist and others feature a more textured surface with more resistance on the mouse for more precise movements.


And finally there’s one accessory you might’ve not thought about and that could save you a lot of trouble. As gamers we like more to play than plan ahead, but it would be very useful to make a backup copy of all your game configs and anything that is consider valuable in your games on a USB Key. This will also be practical to bring to LAN Parties or tournaments where the Internet isn’t always so reliable sometimes. Having an old-school backup of your stuff is the best option to avoid any bad surprises.

Hope you have all you need now! Good luck!

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